2013 – Fifty-Nine Days To A Happy New Year – 2014


With only twenty-five days to Thanksgiving, I was asked the question at my local watering hole; “What do you have to be Thankful for?”

I wasn’t quite sure how to answer the question.  If I said nothing, or responded incorrectly, my Judy would have me sleeping on the couch for the remainder of the year.  That is of course until I told her that I was thankful for her.  Then she would relent and allow me to enjoy the warmth and comfort she provides me in the dream time of night.

The longer I ponder the question, using a method of addition and deletion; I finally narrowed it down to the one item that I believe is and will be the most profound adjustment in our current recorded history.

“Humans were awakened and began to change the way they think.”

Whether, it will be for the betterment of all humans, or just a slight readjustment in the status quo, only time will tell.  But the one thing I am sure of, everyone I come in contact with socially, even those I do not know well, have begun to question the way they think.

I hear this common phrase; “I use to think this, until I learned I was told a lie!”

Not only one or two individuals are repeating this phrase, I have literally heard it in open public conversation from so many, that I have decided that in the year 2013, I am thankful that the status quo, messed up with their Public Relations program and have awakened the sleepy giant.

“So Thank You, Mr. and Mrs. Elite for stumbling, and stubbing your toe, for you have set all humans down the path to changing the way we think.”

Will history record the events of the future as Evolution or Revolution?

Will a Scientist discover that in the DNA program an unknown code source surfaced?

I really don’t know how history will record the change, but, I am sure of this; “The amount of information that was given out to be fact, was incorrect, and it happened with an awful lot of subjects, which humans as a whole began to question the way they were thinking.

I am thankful for this little adjustment and am hopeful that compliance and apathy will no longer be the order of the day.  I am also hopeful that in the year 2014 the Citizens of the United States, in every City, County and State will choose to send home all the incumbents that currently hold and elected office.

NOW, that would be the greatest 2014 Thanksgiving in history.  America took out their trash and cleaned the waste bucket.

Can you even imagine the print media headlines, the talking heads on the news channels?  And how about the writings posted on the internet, not to mention those, Twitter Tweets, Facebook picture posts, and the list goes on and on.

I know in the 1960’s the New York Times front page would have been read as this:


I am going back to sleep now, I will dream about Utopia 2014 and the awakening that occurred in 2013.  Goodnight, love you all, even the Elite, because I forgive you for being wrong.



Fiscal Cliff, Ho-Ho-Ho, Merry Christmas!


Featured Article by Michael Lindsay — December 21, 2012

The Chairman of the Federal Reserve hasn’t responded to my letters, and I don’t blame him.  Answering my questions truthfully would amount to confessing and end in prison.  What really sucks is how many Americans will have their assets screwed with over this so-called Fiscal Cliff.

So this year I asked Santa to bring me boxes of sanity, so I could re-gift them to every member of the press and every elected representative in Washington, D.C.

Problem + Reaction = Solution.  The Fiscal Cliff was created by the White House and both houses of Congress.

In the beginning, the second Bush White House created tax cuts that would eventually expire.  Then the Congress passed a law requiring the budget to be cut when those tax cuts expired, if there was no approved Federal Budget by that time.  (We haven’t had an approved Federal Budget in four years.)  I don’t see anything wrong with this as it pertains to a fiscal crisis.  The problem was created by the Federal Government; they passed the law.  The reaction has been panic and pandemonium.  What’s the solution?  NO ONE KNOWS.  Or, if they do, no one’s saying.  Everyone, especially the elite, have to give up more.  Our government has to get on a diet and lose all its spending fat so the country can have a balanced budget.  The media spin on our fiscal nightmare has been completely useless.  How dare they insist that low- and middle-income families pay a thousand more dollars every year just to finance another tax cut for the wealthiest Americans?

As I see it, the media is whipping up a Fiscal Cliff frenzy instead of doing their job and exposing the truth.  If you don’t have anything constructive to say, get the hell out of my way.  While they’re sitting around on their paychecks, I’m researching real answers.  Here’s what I’ve discovered so far.

The spending cuts for national defense and the military-industrial complex will create a drastic reduction in revenue for a lot of very wealthy and well-connected individuals.  BUT THE BIGGEST LOSERS will be the Federal Reserve Central Bank and its members—by more than a trillion dollars.  That’s a lot of billions.  WHY?  They finance our deficit.  If they don’t have a deficit to finance, then they don’t get interest and principal on the difference between the tax revenue and government spending.  Did you know our government has a 1.5 trillion dollar “bridge to nowhere”?

So what should you do about the Fiscal Cliff crisis?  The same thing you did about the December 21, 2012 crisis—nothing, except party a little more than usual at the expense of those who believed the world was ending today.  I enjoyed watching them enter their silly stupor.

So I kept my stock.  I own only the companies that sell everything you buy.  I purchased presents for friends and family.  Thank God I didn’t buy a bunker; my boo is claustrophobic.  Opened the novel A Throne Awaits and was reminded that there is hope for all Americans.


SEAL’s Account Differs from Official Government Version – SECRETS OF A DEBT-FREE NATION ARTICLE 20

Featured article by Michael Lindsay — September 5, 2012

Dutton, an imprint of Penguin USA, recently released No Easy Day, which seems to be causing quite a stir.  The question is whether or not the former active-duty Seal violated any law by releasing classified information.  Before we citizens take a position either way, let us consider the following:

  1. The Seal swore an oath to protect with his life the citizens of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
  2. Members of our government released a version of military events on foreign soil that eliminated a foreign enemy.
  3. The Seal’s account differs from the “Official Government Report” of said events.
  4. Government departments are considering “appropriate legal action” to quell any further disclosure without prior approval.

Poppycock; bullshit; up yours, asshole!  Heed these words from a former Marine who still honors his oath to protect: Mr. Former Seal, we got your Six, and your One through Twelve.

First, if a former member of a military operation was involved in a mission deemed classified, the entire mission is just that: classified.  Second, such a mission remains classified until, and only when, it is officially declassified.  With one exception . . .

. . . when the government spins “information” in order to increase voter appeal and gain support.  Which is exactly what happened!  Now that a brighter lamp is lit, some of us citizens want to know why you didn’t tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth from the very beginning.  Some of us are invoking our right to know.  After all, you work for us.

Reminder: Everyone in the U.S. Government works for me and every other American taxpayer.

When you failed to tell the truth, and one of our employees honored his obligation by doing so, he did not violate the law.  Period.  He honored his obligation and protected us from a domestic enemy that tried to gain support by lying to us.  Shame on you!

When any part of the government alters or omits any fact for release to the American public for the sole purpose of garnering support, an Act of Treason has been committed.  We citizens expect our members of the Military to protect us from such enemies.

You know who you are.  And you have placed yourself in a tenuous position.  Shame on you!  What you need is a time-out.  Go stand in the corner.  Rethink what you did and reconsider what to do next.

If I were on his jury, the Seal would be acquitted for acting in self-defense.  I’d give him a medal for his heroic act of defending me against a treacherous domestic enemy, and then we’d pillory you idiots in the village square and offer corncobs to passing citizens.

Never forget that you work for us.  American taxpayers forfeit our labor rewards to pay your salaries—plus outrageous healthcare and retirement benefits and so much more—while so many of us are jobless, homeless, hungry, or worse.

Shame on us for letting you keep your jobs . . .